SDA fosters an organizational culture which is based primarily on responsibility
and accountability. We abide to the following main values: integrity, availability,
innovation, sustainability and customer privacy.

How we do it?

Founded in 2003, System Design Analysis (SDA) has been providing SAP® consulting services to clients in Montreal, the greater Montreal metropolitan, Laval, Toronto, Ottawa and North America.

Our senior management team is made up of specially selected talent, with their main focus on the developing areas within the SAP® industry. SDA takes pride in its continuous improvement of our clients' business performance, consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients and delivering collaborative business solutions to clients nationwide.

  • Utilize 15+ Years of Experience in SAP® consulting services
  • Full Transparency throughout YOUR SAP® project
  • Aligning Your IT Strategy with YOUR business needs
  • Minimized Risk with SAP® Implantation Strategy
  • Expertise Covering multiple industries

Why us?

  • SAP® Sliver Partner
  • Trusted Advisor
  • Experience with Latest SAP® Technology Innovation
  • Certified SAP® consultants
  • Outstanding Support
  • Cybersecure Canada Certified Organization

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